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Robot may be the only show in history where i wouldnt be completely disappointed if all. Government will not take away the space being and subject him to experiments. Gordon crashes his spacecraft into the garage of the tanner familys suburban home, and is subsequently adopted by them. They all just sit there and let alf go into kates shower. The original videotapes of nearly all episodes prior to series 4 were wiped, although complete or partial recordings of some episodes have been found. Lynn breaks up with her boyfriend and becomes depressed. Gordon shumway, last known survivor from the planet melmac, crashlands his spaceship into the tanner familys suburban garage. Alf goes through a 24hour period of bizarre behavior. Alf tries to strong arm trash rights, but ends up having to agree to watch from the upstairs. Most episode titles derive from those of american and british popular songs.

Watch all 27 alf episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. The nbc show was created by paul fusco in 1986 and completed its four season run in 1990. Lynns date at the drivein goes well until she discovers alf hiding in the back of the car. Autoplay when autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play. October 6, 1986 alf is accused of eating lucky, so he decides to search for him to prove his innocence. Alf season 3 opening and closing credits and theme. Alf season two comes crash landing with even more antics and household chaos. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using chromecast. Autoplay when autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically. The following is a list of episodes of the american sitcom alf. Alf finally steps over the line when, after promising lynn andrea elson that he wouldnt tell anyone about her new boyfriend, he lets slip the secret within earshot of lynns parents. The animated series and the first episode of alf tales. This episode was originally produced for season 3, but aired during season 4. He uses willies short wave radio to contact the president of the united states aboard airforce one to the great displeasure of the fbi.

When lynn reveals she likes a guy, alf decides to help her get his attention literally by the book. The golden girls season 6 episode 10 girls just wanna have fun. Watch alf season 1 episode 21 online lookin through the windows. Running scared season 3, episode 17 first off, apologies in advance for any typos. While most of season 1s episodes find the tanners and their permanent guest struggling with compatibility, certain stories are sharper for indulging a little black comedy.

Episode 11 songbird road 1 episode 12 songbird road. Alf stands for alien life form, and it becomes the adopted moniker of gordon shumway, the last known survivor of the planet melmac. Ochmonek starts to watch psycho he cannot resist sneaking out of the bedroom to watch. Alf develops a gambling habit and winds up in trouble with his bookie.

When lucky the cat disappears, everyone pins the blame on alf. Alf gets a selfhelp book of love for her and asks her to confide in him. Season two 25 august 23, 2005 contains the first episode of alf. Gordon shumway, from the planet melmac, crashlands his spaceship in the tanners garage, and they dub him alf, short for alien life form. Alf, having lost his planet in an explosion, becomes very concerned about earths nuclear proliferation. Season 4, episode 3 october 2, 1989 alf tries to protect willie from the law when his picture is flashed on a tv crimestoppers show, but trevor is the one who reaches out to grab the reward. Make no mistake alf is a classic of the late 1980s. All the discs are in the green color scheme and have the alf logo in red with the words season three in white. The hourlong episode try to remember is the censored version. Watch all 26 alf episodes from season 3,view pictures, get episode information and more. Alf was a staple for many households in the mid80s and continues to entertain children of all ages in syndication. Watch alf season 1, episode 8 dont it make my brown eyes blue alf has a crush on lynn, so he makes a music video to impress her.

October 10, 1987 gordon and sergeant staff end up going to prison after mistaking their ship for a vacation cruise liner. The tanner family is having an ordinary life until late that night a ufo. The episode index sheet lists what episodes are on each disc with episode titles, and who wrote and directed the episode. Make your child the main character of the story in the app little stories. Season three 25 may 30, 2006 contains all season 3 episodes, though not in. Alf thinks he witnessed a murder at a neighbors house. All the discs are in purpleblue color scheme and have the alf logo in red with the words season four in white.

With the help of his guardian angel, alf finds out what life. If you want the complete episodes, you need to get the complete series. Full season and episodes free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and tv television shows. Simkl automatically tracks what youre watching, tells you how many episodes youve missed, and connects you to what your friends are into. Alf has to last one week without destroying anything in the tanners house.

There is a touch of darkness to alf that inspires some interesting episodes. From the episode strangers in the night description from imdb everybody but brian and alf are leaving the house for the evening and. Genres comedy subtitles english cc audio languages english. This is not mine but im uploading it anyway laflugantabastardo captured by the alien task force, alf was rescued by two officers who. Season 1, episode 5 alfs ex and journalist, mia hrmansen, has been digging up dirt on energreen for sometime and is almost ready to release information on thier shady practices. The reason i only gave it 4 stars is because they have have cut these episodes.

Willie max wright talks to a psychologist bill daily about alf. When the owner comes to visit them, alf accidentally jumps into his trunk and he is taken to a hospital and given away as a christmas gift to a little girl. Disc one has alfs face with a shot of a planet on the far left. However, when alf does not show signs of recovery, the tanners are concerned it may end his life. Watch alf online full episodes of season 4 to 1 yidio. Every day this week ill be uploading the credits and theme song from a tv show about, you guessed it, aliens.

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