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In comparison to the langstroth hive, top bar hives provide an environment much closer to the conditions found in nature by wild and feral bees. Natural beekeeping forum low cost, low impact, balanced. Beekeepingtop bar hive wikibooks, open books for an. In our first version of this feeder, a specially crafted 1. Building a kenyan top bar hive tbh natural beekeeping. This is a variation on the topbarnatural comb concept. The hive has the sides and bottoms fashioned from a single sheet of curved, thin. The main focus of this book is the proper management of a topbar hive for healthy bees, with honey and wax being excellent benefits but not the main focus of the venture. Discuss everything related to the building and management of horizontal top bar hives kenyan, tanzanian or other designs. In closing, the top bar hive you show is better known as the kenyan tbh or htbv horizontal. There are two main classifications of top bar hives the kenya top bar hive and the tanzania top bar hives.

Gold star honeybees is owned and operated by the author of the thinking beekeeper book series and the maker of the gold star top bar hive, christy hemenway. Thus, top bar hives may provide a substantially lower cost for entry into beekeeping, and they are the predominant hive in some developing and underdeveloped countries. Topbar beekeeping by les crowder chelsea green publishing. This is sustainable beekeeping with integrated pest management practices ipm, the bees rarely if ever needing chemical treatments. Keeping bees has been my passion for close to 60 years partly as a hobbyist and partly as a smallscale commercial beekeeper.

It is written in simple language and is intended to be as practical as possible. The beekeeping naturally kenyan top bar hive is thoughtfully designed and meticulously handcrafted to optimize the health of the honey bees and at the same time allowing the backyard natural bee keeper easy, low fuss maintenance of these amazing creatures. Modern beekeeping in kenya started towards the end of 1960s and has since become an important enterprise in the livestock subsector. Top bar hive beekeeping is for people that like to make highly useful things with little money. As well as htbh such as the kenyan and tanzanian there are also vtbh vertical such as the warre. Natural beekeeping books beekeeping naturallybeekeeping. Les talked about the benefits of top bar hives at the conference and here are a few things he mentioned. Top bar hives and beekeeping supplies, including topbar beehives with windows, adjustable legs, hinged roofs. No reason a commercial honey farm couldnt operate with all topbar hives, but as i said, probably more wax than honey production, and a bit more labor. No one really knows who invented the top bar hive, but we know its. Beekeepingtop bar hive wikibooks, open books for an open world. Kenyan top bar hive plan of the kenyan top bar hive 6.

Thanks for making us a part of your beekeeping journey. It is well worth buying the book directly from the author. Basically this is a general beekeeping book with one short chapter about top bar hives and just one page devoted to top bar hive design. In fact the design of a top bar hive is so adaptable that boxes, 55gallondrums, old crates and even dilapidated refrigerators can be used to house bees. That version ultimately did not work because the bees used our 1. The crushandstrain method of gathering honey from your top bar hive is a sticky, messy job. Download the pdf version with more notes characteristic top bar hive langstroth notes easy on your back a tbh is a dream for anyone with back problems. A fantastic intro to topbar beekeeping, and refreshingly different from most beekeeping books that ive looked at.

By the time he was in high school, he had 125 frame hives and was producing honey by the ton. More and more organically minded beekeepers are now using topbar hives, in which the. I recommend using a standardized tbh design for innumerable reasons, including the ability to. For accessories for your discontinued top bar hive, see the discontinued top bar hive collection. This book was written to assist beekeepers in kenya and other african countries improve their beekeeping. The books ten sections discuss optimal practices of an organic beekeeper. Top bar hives are low tech, old style configurations of hives. The example pictured above the one i built was a luxury version with all new pine timber. This hive was invented in the mid1960s in england by w. Pictures and descriptions of a tanzanian top bar hive that doubles as a long langstroth hive. The series consists of two books and an online class. Basic beekeeping manual africa this is a 2 volume publication written by pam gregory with assistance of gay marris of the u.

How to build a simple top bar hive bee friendly austin. The kenyan was designed to be low tech, low cost and simple to build using available materials. Although the two most wellknown styles of long topbar hives are named kenyan and tanzanian, the kenyan hive was actually developed in canada, and the socalled tanzanian hive is not the same as the topbar hive that was developed in tanzania. Christie hemenway and phil chandler are more informative and both address the subject much more comprehensively. Beekeepingkenya top bar hives wikibooks, open books for. If you want more detail, with backgtound information and more pictures, you may like to buy my book balanced beekeeping i. Some would argue that this keeps the bees healthy and active due to the additional work, but it does mean that you will get less honey from a topbar hive. Wcs through ctc provide a market by buying all the hive products.

National bee unit fera that concentrates on top bar hive beekeeping, but many of the techniques and ideas can also be used by traditional and frame hive beekeepers. This group is sponsored by gold star honeybees to allow a place for top bar hive beekeepers to connect. The following tables break down the kenya topbar hive into its individual components and provide instructions on how to cut and build those components. Topbar hives usually include one box only, and allow for beekeeping. It features individual bars laid across the top of the hive cavity. Topbar hive keeping can have much more work and dedication involved than traditional langstroth hives, but the pleasure from maintaining them can be greater too. Lumber in a store is identified by its nominal size, which is its rough dimension before its trimmed and sanded to its finished size at the lumber mill. The old saying work smarter not harder has some truth to it. This contrasts strongly with the other two designs where beekeepers effectively inspect a box at a time. Backyard beekeeping in the hampton roads area of virginia with a topbar beehive. The thinking beekeeper educational series is a complete and comprehensive educational package about the keeping of bees in top bar hives. Joel govostes has made a catenary tbh, and has kept bees in it successfully.

However, a reasonable amount of hive products is obtained from kenya top bar and langstroth hives. As a beekeeper and a beekeeping teacher, i have kept both langstroth and top bar hives for over twelve years and operated them side by side. Entering the beehive from one side means that only a small number of bees are disturbed at a time, rather than thousands of angry bees reacting to just having their roof ripped off. Because of the simplicity of the top bar hives design, one can be built from readily available salvage materials. Beegood4bees top bar beehive, beekeeping equipment. The kenyan top bar hive beekeeping naturallybeekeeping. We read a book on the subject from which i latched onto two possible positive features. Kenyan top bar hive information, pricing, orders, photos.

This book will provide all the information you need to build a simple, horizontal top bar hive of what is known as the kenyan pattern, with design features and. Plans and a parts list for a simple kenya top bar hive. It is worth its considerable price which is less if you buy it directly, as ive found no beekeeping book with near the depth of information, nor any specifically about top bar hives there are some out now, but they look like picture books to me. A topbar hive is a singlestory frameless beehive in which the comb hangs from removable. We are vigorously pursuing beekeeping along the valley, mfuwe, luangwa, magodi and lukusuzi by providing boxes modern and other beekeeping equipments. The kenyan tbh is differentiated from the other common design, the tanzania top bar hive, by having sloped sides intended to minimize attachment.

The kenyan top bar hive beekeeping naturally promotes the kenyan top bar hive as one of the most effective natural bee hives for backyard and smallscale beekeepers beecarers. Free diagram and plans for a top bar hive mistress beek. The book is based on an earlier version called beekeeping a beginners guide which i. The results rest on scientific principles and careful observations from managing 200 top bar hives with over 25 years experience. And if youre ready to build, here are some designs. Top bar hive book description this book contains what you need for a completely sustainable top bar hive beekeeping system. It is worth its considerable price which is less if you buy it directly, as ive found no beekeeping book with near the depth of information, nor any specifically about topbar hives there are some out now, but they look like picture books to me. Here are things i learned to shortcut over the years of beekeeping.

The design of topbar hives has its origins in the work done in 1965 by tredwell and paterson. There are different types of hives used in beekeeping in kenya but the most important for commercial purposes are two, the kenya top bar hive ktbh and the langstroth hives. The single box houses a number of top bars hence the name. His long career began at age 10, starting with frame hives. The kenya topbar hive as a better hive in developing countries. The kenyan top bar hive is a troughshaped hive that originated in kenya under the direction of canadian bee researcher dr. Although reluctantly at first, in 2014 a fellow beekeeper and i decided to experiment with keeping bees in a top bar hive tbh. He has recently published a book called topbar beekeeping.

Standard top bars for the beekeeper urban beekeeping. Topbar beekeeping also provides an eloquent appeal for beekeepers to make care, respect, and reverence the foundation of their relationships with the bees. This book contains what you need for a completely sustainable top bar hive beekeeping system. This isnt just laziness i suppose, its also a desire to accomplish more. Aug 24, 2014 kenyan top bar hive information, pricing, orders, photos, customizations, alternative beekeeping, top bar beekeeping steller apiaries stay safe and healthy. For topbar hives, once you are ready to harvest the honey, you have to scrape the entire comb from the bar, requiring that the bees build the comb back up.

Conventional methods of keeping bees are effective, but top bar beekeeping is simpler, less expensive, gives bees a greater degree of freedom, and still leaves you with honey and pollinated crops. This book definitely does tell you exactly what it says it will how and why to set up and beginnermanage a kenyan style topbar hive. The example pictured above the one i built was a luxury version with all new pine. Smith, sponsored by the canadian international development agency under an initial four year project begun in 1971. Do you recall that as part of our bees r funny bee yard, we have 2 kenyan top bar hives well in this video, we both had th.

Offering quality painted top bar bee hives for sale ready for bees. The top bar hive is the oldest and most commonly used hive style in the world. An introduction to the top bar hive the ploughshare. And heres what ive come to realize about the benefits and drawbacks of top bar and langstroth bee hives. Constructing a kenya top bar hive written by george. This means that the beekeeper inspects the top bar hive a comb at a time. If you can go with the flow of things and find easier ways to do things, then you should do it the easy way. My husband and i built our own kenyan top bar hive and installed a. Generally the bars are a wooden wedge or strip with a guide to ensure combs hang straight. Langstroth hives changed this because they allowed beekeepers to. Beekeepingkenya top bar hives wikibooks, open books for an. You should not blame the hfh for not suppliying a book on bking.

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